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Recent Press Reviews:

Gabby Gourmet

Although part of the Warwick Hotel, Randolph's gives the impression of being a freestanding restaurant. Enter the bar area where guests can enjoy drinks, chatter and meals. It's a perfect spot to listen to the pianist on certain nights. The main dining room is lovely-casual but upscale, with comfortable upholstered seating and nicely spaced tables.
The doors open out to the gorgeous patio where accents include flowers and umbrella-topped tables. As you decide on dinner, begin your meal with bread served with honey butter. Start with crab risotto croquettes, a Colorado cheese and charcutierie plate, a mixed mushroom croustade, or mussels with chorizo. Salad choices include Caesar, the house salad with greens, roasted grapes, gorgonzola and candied walnuts, and a terrific beet salad with goat cheese and hazelnuts. Soup options change daily, but indulge in the sweet potato and apple bisque when available. Brined and seared chicken beast with spaetzle, a pork chop with parsnip puree, and ribeye start the entrée list. Lamb chops, grilled flatiron steak, salt and pepper sirloin and buffalo tenderloin with gnocchi please the meat lovers. The salmon "latke", scallops with risotto, seafood pasta, and house made pasta with garlic and tomatoes bring more options for diners. End with divine banana chocolate bread pudding with caramel and gelato, profiteroles, and ice cream. Presentation is lovely with complementary accompaniments in each dish.
The wine list is excellent and service very friendly and efficient. Wine tastings take place on a regular basis with live music on occasion. Randolph's makes a great choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And there is free parking. Enjoy this spot that takes away the hotel feel.

Denver Restaurant Examiner
Lance Myers

In the heart of Denver's Uptown neighborhood, there lies a hidden treasure.  Not the type that will make you monetarily rich, instead this treasure will reward your taste buds with rich and diverse flavors.  The treasure is Randolph's Restaurant and Bar.
Located on the corner of 18th Ave. and Grant St., Randolph's  is named after the legendary American newspaper magnate, William Randolph Hearst, and offers a great experience from the moment you walk in the door, until the moment you leave fully satisfied.  

"When customers come to Randolph's, they can expect to enjoy straightforward and approachable food with a twist," explains award-winning Executive Chef Kristen Cofrades.  Randolph's is beginning to change the popular misconception that fine dining needs to be pretentious and stuffy.  Instead, they serve cuisine that is not only delicious, but is also quite welcoming and comfortable.

When you walk into Randolph's Restaurant and Bar, you are greeting by smiling and very welcoming staff members.  The interior decor is simple yet elegant, complete with a large open fireplace, and is perfect whether you are on a romantic date or simply enjoying dinner while winding down after a hard day of work.  Be sure to check out the marvelous outside patio on a warm Denver summer afternoon or evening. 

When you sit down you are served warm bread and butter, which is absolutely mouthwatering.  The staff even makes sure you never have cold bread at your table, replacing it before it can cool down, which shows how "above and beyond" the service here is.  The waiters are very friendly, and are more than happy to give you some advice on their favorite dishes and wine pairings.

As for the food, Chef Kristen's talents shine in every one of her dishes.  She believes that too many chefs today simply overload their dishes with ingredients, making the taste so complex to the point where you can't even tell what it's supposed to taste like.  Therefore, she cooks with the motto K.I.S.S. ("keep it simple stupid") in mind.  She also supports local meat and produce, buying and using Colorado lamb, as well as local fruits and vegetables whenever possible, depending on seasonal availability.  

Chef Kristen's egg salad sandwich with spinach, tomatoes, and truffle oil is absolutely delicious and is presented beautifully, to the point where you don't want to eat it because that means having to mess up its appearance.  But once you do dig in, you will wish you had more.  The pork tenderloin sandwich with its honey-lime glaze is another winner.  Most people know what they expect pork tenderloin to taste like, but the glaze on this sandwich adds a sweet flavor that will have your taste buds dancing like pre-teens on a sugar high.   

Randolph's has also been voted as one of Denver's best happy hours, and offers daily specials from 4-7 P.M. that are unmatched by anyone else in Denver.  In addition to these wonderful happy hour specials, Randolph's hosts a variety of unique events including wine tastings, poolside BBQ's, cooking demonstrations with Chef Kristen, and many more.  

The next time you are looking for a delicious, upscale meal without the stuffiness and outrageous prices, do yourself (and the people you are with) a favor and visit Randolph's Restaurant and Bar.  You will be treated with some unique tastes, a great experience, and food that is tough to match.  
Rocky Mountain News  
Dave Flomberg   

If there's one bar that really captures old Denver - the post-gold-rush, pre-tech Denver, the oil-money Denver that built the skyscrapers and conjured terms like shale conversion - Randolph's is it. Named after the famed newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, the bar is everything the name suggests, with leather and dark wood surfaces, cozy dining nooks and a friendly patio. The only thing missing is a thick haze of cigar smoke, thanks to the smoking ban. This is the kind of bar where it's easy to imagine million- dollar deals having been made, even though you're just as likely to run into a Midwestern wedding party as a brown- suited bonds baron.   

Randolph's signature drink is the Denver Rosebud, a blend of Stoli Vanilla, cranberry, citrus and peach vodkas and pomegranate juice, shaken, served in a martini glass with a sugared rim and garnished with a lime and a raspberry. It's $8 and makes a great pairing with the delectable sushi tuna squares ($11).

Westword's "Bite Me" food column.
Jason Sheehan

Randolph's restaurant in the Warwick Hotel has a couple of new menus on the board for the end of summer - the equivalent of fine-dining Happy Meals for adults. To ease the strain on customers' wallets, Randolph's had put together both a three-course and four-course prix fixe spread with a few choices of starters, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts… And while the Asian influence in fine dining is getting more than a little tired, Randolph's seasonal menu works with a "New West" bent - combining ingredients from the Western states with traditional French and Italian techniques and international flavors - that leaves the kitchen wide open for experimentation.

Image Magazine

"Very different but not to go as far as to go askew, than most restaurants in Denver, Randolph's throws a diversified international flare into both its cuisines and its premise. Randolph's on the corner of 18th and Grant, gives a perfect angle for enjoying our summer sunsets from the enormous wrap around patio or directly from the illuminated main dining area..."


1st annual FACC Culinary Competition Winner 2008, both judges 1st place and people's choice award for best entree.  The dish, Veal Chaud-Froid, was created by Chef de Cuisine Jay Shedlin. 
Voted one of the Top 10 in Denver by Best outdoor dining, Best wine list,  Best romantic dining,  Best American food,  Best fine dining restaurant
Denver's # 1 Best Chill Scene for nightlife
Wine Spectator Magazine Award of Excellence:
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